Justin D. Long

with ActBeyond, sending teams to start movements amongst the unreached.
My projects:
The District Survey, Cluster Forecasts, The Long View newsletter, The Movement Index, Movement Case Studies, Perspectives Lesson 9, Consulting
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The Long View: every Tuesday, missiological thinking & annotated links

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The District Survey
Excel table featuring countries, provinces and districts, with statistical and descriptions. Each release, $10. June 2014 here.

Prayer Guides - free PDF
a collection of guides for praying for the world's unreached peoples.

Global Diagrams - downloadable PDF, $1 minimum
1: the impact of Christianity on Corruption
2: the impact of obeying Christ on corruption levels
3: Growth in population and Christianity, AD 1910-2010
4: the Evangelicalization of the Church
5: how Christian is a country? size, share and growth
6: Persecution does not strongly correlate to church growth
7: Doubles required for evangelicals to saturate a country, by time to double

Think Tanks: hour-long topical talks
On Callings: Pete Errington
On Mobilization, Bryan Padgett
On CPM Coaching, Paul Watson
On the Shoal Creek "proto-Movement", Roy Moran
On member health, John Splinter
On prayer strategists, Liz Adleta.

Cluster Forecasts: deep studies of people groups, $10/ea
Persians. Turks. Cushitic.

Other Publications
other things I've written, including reports and short stories

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