Prayer Guides

The prayer resources linked below are either downloadable PDFs or available for purchase for a nominal price. To be included on this page, a prayer resource must generally be (a) focused on an unreached people group or collection of unreached people groups, (b) give specific prayer points tied to information about the unreached, and © be accessible via the web (either to download or order). If your prayer guide isn’t on the list, ( me a link for it.

General Materials

30 Days of Prayer

Organizational prayer tools




Afghanistan. Shane Bennett (12 page bulletin insert, 2021).

Bangladesh. Pray for Every Village. @PrayBangladesh.

Bhutan. Pray for Every Village.

Brunei. Online Prayer Journey.


Cambodia. OMF. Peoples of Cambodia.

China. China 30-days. OMF. China Stories, China’s Cities, Minorities of China, Taiwan’s Working Class. Operation China. all the peoples of China (Amazon, $).

France. PrayForFrance.

Iran. PrayIranNow (40 days of prayer and fasting), 30 Days of Prayer for Iran

India. Pray for Every Village.

Indonesia. @iPray4Indonesia. PrayforIndonesia. Unreached Peoples of Sumatra (Amazon $) East Indonesia Prayer Calendar. Advent Calendar for Sumatra.

Japan. Operation Japan prayer guide ($5, (

Laos. I Love Laos.


Malaysia. Online prayer journey.

Maldives. Pray4Maldives. Pray for every village.

Myanmar. InfoMekong.

Nepal. Pray for Every Village

Nigeria. Pray4Nigeria.

North Korea. OMF.

Pakistan. Pray for Every Village.

Vietnam. Reaching Vietnam. OMF.

Russia. Pray for Eurasia

Saudi Arabia. @pray4saudi.

Somalia. Prayer profile.

Sri Lanka. @interceding4sl. Pray for Every Village.

Sudan. Annual October prayer campaign. Prayer Profile 1. Sudan Prayer Network.


Tajikistan. 52-week prayer guide.

Taiwan. OMF. Taiwan Tinder, Ten Seconds to Taiwan.

Thailand. 9 Blessings. Muslims of Thailand. @Pray4Isaan]( Prayer FB groups for CPMs in Thailand.

Tunisia., @Pray4Tunisia

Turkey. Prayer Guide via Dr. Andrew Jackson.


City Prayer Guides


Out of ~106 unreached clusters below, ~41 are not “prayed for” (they lack a prayer campaign, guide, or initiative). Many of the following resources are print guides available for purchase, but the prices are usually nominal (~$1). If no guides are indicated for a specific cluster, I don’t know of a prayer guide for that cluster yet. If there is one, please let me know. If there’s not, why not create one?