UPG Prayer Guide Index

The prayer resources linked below are either downloadable PDFs or available for purchase for a nominal price. To be included on this page, a prayer resource must generally be (a) focused on an unreached people group or collection of unreached people groups, (b) give specific prayer points tied to information about the unreached, and (c) be accessible via the web (either to download or order). If your prayer guide isn’t on the list, email me a link for it.

General Materials

Pray for the World. Shortened, simplified version of Operation World, eaiser to carry/translate.
Operation World. Definitive daily guide to praying for the world.
Inherit the Nations. Half the population of all Frontier People Groups are in the 31 largest groups.
Global Prayer Digest. A monthly prayer guide for unreached peoples.
Generic prayer guide for a UPG. This is a template guide for any UPG.
Etnopedia have prayer profiles of people groups that can be used to inform prayer.
Prayercast.com: videos that encourage prayer.
Scripture Prayers to pray over peoples
An insider’s guide to praying for the world. Covers 52 weeks, written more from a 1st person travel perspective.

Joshua Project has: prayer cards in eight languages and UPG of the Day widget.

Key Networks/Mobilizers

Estafast: sign up to pray and fast for the Muslim world.
30 Days Prayer Network for the Muslim World.
End Bible Poverty Prayer Campaign.
@Win1040 is a Twitter-based network mobilizing prayer for the 10/40 Window.

Organizational prayer tools

Mission to the World 2014 Prayer Calendar.
SIM Daily Prayer.
Light the Window.


Borderless Prayer: An Advent Calendar for Praying for People on the Move
Prayer Campaign: Pray4Isis.com
7 Days of Prayer Starters for People with No Access to the Gospel
Kids prayer guide for 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World.
Welcoming the Stranger: 30 Days of Prayer for Internationals.
Voice for the Voiceless: gender based injustice prayer guide
How to pray for missionaries (Eddie Arthur)
Prayer for the Exploited (IMB)
Adopt a terrorist for prayer

Limited Time Prayer Campaigns

Prayer guide for the Hajj Pilgrimage in September 2015


PrayerCast – videos for praying for specific nations
@PrayforEurope – twitter, “Bring Europe to Life”
@SEEPrayer – Praying through the headlines for Southeast Europe
@PrayEurope – “Pray for revival for Europe and Russia”
@apeopleloved – prayer for southeast Asian Muslims.
Pray North Africa. @praynorthafrica.
Central Asian peoples. Central Asia #1. @pray4ca.
Peoples of the Buddhist World. Massive, resourceful book.
A Billion Wait: a Prayer Guide for the Buddhist World.
Peoples on the Move: introducing the nomads of the world.
Praying through the Arabian Peninsula.
European Peoples. IMB Prayer Guide.
South Asia. IMB Prayer Calendar. pray4ev.org (praying for every village), prayer guides.
Southeast Asia. IMB Prayer Calendar.
East Asia. IMB Prayer Calendar.


Bangladesh. Pray for Every Village prayer guides by province. @PrayBangladesh.
Bhutan. Pray for Every Village prayer guides by province.
Brunei. Online Prayer Journey.
Burma. PrayForBurma.
Cambodia. OMF. Peoples of Cambodia (PDF).
China. China 30-days. OMF: China Stories, China’s Cities, Minorities of China, Taiwan’s Working Class. Operation China: all the peoples of China (Amazon, $).
France. PrayForFrance.
Iran. PrayIranNow (40 days of prayer and fasting), 30 Days of Prayer or Iran.
India. Pray for Every Village prayer guides by province.
Indonesia. @ipray4indonesia. Prayingforindonesia.com. Unreached Peoples of Sumatra (Indonesia, Amazon, $). East Indonesia Prayer CalendarAdvent Calendar for Sumatra.
Japan. Operation Japan prayer guide ($5, don_wright@rjcnetwork.org)
Laos. I Love Laos.
Libya. @pray4libya, pray4libya.net
Malaysia. Online prayer journey.
Maldives. pray4maldives.orgPray for Every Village prayer guides by province.
Myanmar. InfoMekong.
Nepal. Pray for Every Village prayer guides by province.
Nigeria. Pray4Nigeria.org.
North Korea. OMF.
Pakistan. Pray for Every Village prayer guides by province.
Vietnam. ReachingVietnam. OMF.
Russia. PrayForRussia.net. SEND Prayer guide.
Saudi Arabia. pray4saudi.com. lovesaudis.com. incenseforsaudi.com. @pray4saudi.
Somalia. Prayer profile. PrayforSomalia.org.
Sri Lanka. @interceding4slPray for Every Village prayer guides by province.
Sudan. Annual October prayer campaign. Prayer Profile 1. Sudan Prayer Network.
Syria. TheSyrianCircle.com.
Tajikistan. 52-week prayer guide.
Taiwan. OMF: Taiwan Tinder, Ten Seconds to Taiwan.
Thailand. 9 Blessings. Muslims of Thailand. @pray4isaan. Prayer Facebook Group for CPMs in Thailand.
Tunisia. pray4tunisia.com, @pray4tunisia
Turkey. Prayer Guide via Dr. Andrew Jackson
Yemen. Pray4yemen.com

Prayer Guides for Specific Cities

USA. New York, USA. Ethnycity: The languages and peoples of New York City.
USA. Ethnic Embrace: the diaspora in America ($).
China. 15 Spiritually needy cities of Northwest China.
Istanbul, Turkey. IMB.
Delhi, India. Delhi Prayer Guide.


Out of ~106 unreached clusters below, ~41 are not “prayed for” (they lack a prayer campaign, guide, or initiative). Many of the following resources are print guides available for purchase, but the prices are usually nominal (~$1). If no guides are indicated for a specific cluster, I don’t know of a prayer guide for that cluster yet. If there is one, please let me know. If there’s not, why not create one?
Aceh of Sumatra. In MBS prayer profile book. OMF. APeopleLoved.com.
Aimaq. Aimaq.
Arab World, generic
Arab, Arabian
Arab, Hassaniya
Arab, Levant. Levantines in Turkey.
Arab, Libyan. @pray4libya, pray4libya.net.
Arab, Maghreb. Tunisians.
Arab, Shuwa
Arab, Sudan. Annual October prayer campaign. Prayer Profile 1. Sudan Prayer Network.
Arab, Yemeni. Peoples of Yemen.
Azerbaijani. AzerbaijaniPartnership.org. Pioneers. IMB: Azeri of Iran (HTML). GoPeople.org.
Bali-Sasak. Indonesia Prayer Profiles book.
Baloch. 2-page profile.
Banjar of Kalimantan. In Indonesia Prayer Profiles book. APeopleLoved.com.
Bantu, Swahili
Bantu, Cameroonian. Esimbi.
Bedouin, Arabian
Bedouin, Saharan
Beja. Beja Prayer Network, email for details
Berber-Riff. Riff of Northern Morocco.
Bhutanese. Prayercast.
Bouyei. Bouyei. Bouyei-2.
Bugi-Makassar of Sulawesi. APeopleLoved.com/bugis. APeopleLoved.com/makasar.
Burmese. Burmese.
Caucasus. Circassians.
Cham. Western Cham.
Chinese-Hui. Dungan. OMF. IMB. @pray4hui.
Filipino, Muslim.
Fulani / Fulbe. Prayer letter: fulaniprayer@gmail.com. PPFF: booyataa@gmail.com (send email introducing yourself, telling who you are and your interests in the Fula, and you will be added to the list).
Gorontalo of Sulawesi
Guera-Naba of Chad
Hindi. Rajput.
Hui. @PrayforHui. IMB.
Japanese. Japan (OMF, $).
Kaili-Tomini of Sulawesi
Kazakh. Kazakhs. Kazakhs (HTML).
Kurd. TheKurds.net downloadable.
Kyrgyz. Kyrgyz.
Lampung of Sumatra. APeopleLoved.com.
Madura of Java. Madurese. APeopleLoved.com.
Malay. Malay. Muslims of Thailand. Riau Malay. MBS Prayer Guide Book. APeopleLoved.com. Pattani Malay. Malays of Malaysia. Malays of Brunei.
Melayu of Sumatra
Miao / Hmong. 40-day prayer guide.
Minangkabau-Rejang of Sumatra. APeopleLoved.com.
Musi of Sumatra
Ogan of Sumatra. APeopleLoved.com.
Pasemah of Sumatra
Pashtun. Two networks. Contact justinlong@gmail.com for introduction.
Persian. Iran 30 Prayer Guide.
Shan. Shan. Shan-2.
Sikhs. Sikhs of India (not exactly a people group).
Somali. Prayer profile. PrayforSomalia.org.
Sunda-Betawi of Java. APeopleLoved.com/betawi. APeopleLoved.com/sunda
Tai. Tai Lu Prayer Calendar with Explanations.
Tai Dam
Tai-Kadai. Dong. Tai Yuan. Black Tai.
Tajik. Tajiks.
Thai. 9 Blessings.
Tibetan. Amdo (OMF). Amdo (Daybreak, $). Amdo-2. Amdo Prayer Calendar (Calendar). Khan Tibetan. Nisu ($). Kham Tibetan (OMF).
Tukangbesi of Sulawesi
Turks. Turks. Meskhetian. itnprayer@googlegroups.com for regular prayer items. See also Turkey above.
Urdu Muslim. Ansari.
Uzbek. Uzbeks.
West China / Lolo
Yao-Mien. Lost Jade.
Zhuang. Zhuang. Zhuang-2.
Diaspora in Europe. Immigrants & Refugees.