Mission degrees and debt

January 1, 0001

One statistic I haven’t been paying a great deal of attention to until recently (and even now I haven’t paid as much attention to it as I should be): the price of an intercultural studies degree.

One college I just looked at: a B.A. in intercultural studies requires 120 credit hours in all, at an average of $800 to $900 per credit hour. I skimmed several different colleges and, if I’m reading this right, an average cost of $30,000 to $40,000 and up per year is not unusual.

It can make sense to pursue a degree at those levels if you’re going to graduate and enter into a decent paying job (e.g. non-profit administration, pastoral roles, etc).

But if you’re thinking of going into missions - and raising support - those levels are obviously a big issue. Especially if you don’t have scholarships or the financial wherewithal to pay them outright, and you are going into debt.This is just an opening post on the subject; I’m sure others have written about this to a greater degree. Links to articles or analysis in comments would be welcome.