Festivals and stories

January 1, 0001
  • The annual Water Festival in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, along the Tonle Sap River, is expected to draw 1 million people to Cambodia’s capital. The US State Department warns of “increasing possibility of crimes of opportunity” - but the inverse is also true: increased possibility of blessing opportunities.
  • The largest Diwali festival in America is in Dallas, Tx, this weekend (November 4). It will have an increased size because many of the Houston Diwali celebrants will come here instead after the impact of the hurricane.
  • Djibouti wants to show up on the radar of 2018 travel agencies.
  • Up close with the tribes of Ethiopia’s imperiled Omo valley.
  • The shepherds of the Tusheti mountains of Georgia.
  • Down from the Mountains in China: while the parents are away at work, the children are raising themselves.
  • Out West: a visual narrative of China‚Äôs westernmost region, Xinjiang

Festivals and travel agency specials are excellent opportunities for entry into otherwise restricted spaces, and for contact with people visiting a festival who might otherwise be difficult to contact. Short-term trips can be organized on tourist platforms, for prayer-walking and other casual contact opportunities. Research trips into unreached areas can also be conducted in the context of these opportunities.