Movements and training

January 1, 0001

Occasionally I hear a line of thinking that suggests those involved in movements avoid training. In my experience this is not true.

There is a huge amount of training; in some respects Beyond and orgs like us are largely training orgs. The model of training is very different, however, to what you may have in mind. Rather than two or four year seminary style degrees, most involved in movements focus on a just-in-time training model (varies by network and trainer) with coaching and mentoring followup. So for example a level 1 training gets you to find people of peace and firm groups; 1.5 forms groups of non believers; 2 trains you for issues when you multiply, and So on.

Movements are heavy on learn-and-immediately-try. Then we talk about what happened, and try again.

Most learning is in groups for accountability and cross pollinating.

Movements also expect you to pass on what you have learned. Everyone becomes a learner, practitioner, teacher. Everyone is both a player and a coach.

Finally, movements expect you to be lifelong learners. No one is done. We see the same thing in life in the progression from child to parent to grandparent.

So please don’t think movements don’t have a training component. If anything there is more training, coaching, accountability, learning–not less. It’s not for everyone!