January 1, 0001

We have too few prayers, givers, goers, especially when it comes to the frontiers.

Many Christians “in the pew” do not have the urge or the ability to participate in missions–or, for many, the perception of themselves as being capable of participation.

They lack inspiration.

To “inspire” comes from the Latin in-(into) and spirare (breathe): it means “to breathe or blow into.” When God “breathed the breath of life” into Adam, you could say he inspired Adam.

Many believers are dead, apathetic, lacking life.

They need you and me to inspire–to blow life into–them.

To blow life is not the same thing as to criticize or to condemn. While I believe there is a time and place for calling out sins - for naming a spade, a spade - this is not inspiring.

We need to fill others with the urge, the ability, to do, to feel–the life that animates them to pursue the calling of God on their lives.

We do not need professional inspirationists.

We need each of us to inspire one another: to be the Body of Christ that “breathes” the Spirit of Christ into others.

There is a world to be changed and a church to change it.

Let’s you and I be inspirational.