Asians as % of world, and Asian Christianity

January 1, 0001

A friend writes, “I’m in Indonesia this week with [redacted].

I am told that 2 of every 3 people in the world are Asians.

That’s 4.9 billion people.

Do you have any idea how many, Or what percentage, are not Christians?“The question is “fairly” simply answered from Joshua Project’s data.

It does involve some processing of affinity blocks and the like.

Since it’s probably of interest to others as well, I reproduce my answer below:

“Asian” is a little problematic, but for this exercise I am adding up East Asian, Eurasian, Persian, Malay, SE Asian, S Asian, Tibetan, and Turkic.

I suspect the difference between my total of 5.1 billion and my friend’s estimate of 4.9 billion has to do with including Eurasians.

But the numbers are close enough.

The answer to “What % are non-Christians” is simply 100-17.75, or 82.25%.

Interestingly, what it reveals is that Asians make up 70% of the world, but less than half of the world’s Christians - in fact, the difference between Asian Christianity and total global Christianity is a bit more than the total US population.