Simultaneous = Synonymous = Speed

January 1, 0001
  • Movements are not a special kind of church, denomination or network. “is a movement” is a “state of being”: when a group is rapidly multiplying, it is in the “movement state.”
  • We generally define the movement state as “consistently reaching 4th generation of believers (disciples who make disciples who make disciples who make disciples) in multiple streams, within 18 months.”
  • In order to do this, a church must have at least two functions: discipleship (‘onboarding’ new believers, equipping them with essentials, having them integrate these into daily activities) and outreach(recruiting new believers to be onboarded).
  • The discipleship and outreach functions, for the sake of speed, must happen at the same time. We do not pause to disciple someone for a year before we enable, encourage, and even ask them/insist they reach out and disciple others.
  • In order to best achieve this, discipleship and outreach become one and the same. Simply: 2 Timothy 2:2 - what I teach you, you teach others.
  • What-is-taught must be taught simply and shortly: a single session, not a 12-week class. A single session with a Bible story can be easily passed on to others in exactly the same way it is taught, and reproduced quickly. The Bible story you hear this morning, you can share with your family tonight.
  • *Discipleship *becomes *outreach *when we share the discipleship story with someone who is not a believer.
  • Discipleship and outreach - the sharing of stories - becomes an ongoing process when you string multiple stories together over time.
  • We can see how this can become like the incessant pounding of the sea on the shore: waves and waves in and out - “out” is the discipleship wave, “in” is the outreach wave. Slowly, over time, rocks become sand, become beach.
  • When we separate discipleship from outreach, or say that only certain people can reach out, we break the speed of the movement.
  • The antidote to heresy is more Bible stories, more accountability, more life lived together - more 2 Timothy 2:2. Heresy breeds fastest through charismatic individuals in isolation. The more relationships there are, the more questioning (“show me where you see that in Scripture”), the more accountability, the more “one anothering,” the less trouble.