We would like

January 1, 0001

We would like more churches to actively recruit, send, support missionaries.

We would like more money to be donated and spent on recruiting and sending and supporting missionaries.

We would like more people to have a missionary heart, and naturally want to head to the field.

We would like more people to willingly sacrifice their time, talent and treasure for this cause.

We would like these things, but we cannot make the next week, month or year’s strategy dependent upon them.

We cannot simply throw in the towel because we lack these things.

Most people come to faith in Christ because of relationships with Christians. Most missionaries become missionaries because they were inspired by a relationship with another mission-passionate person. While we are wishing for more church programs, more pastoral sermons, more money, more revivals–perhaps we should think about the relationships we presently have, and who in our own orbits we might inspire.