Doing the impossible

January 1, 0001
  • The number of people with no access to the Gospel is growing by on the order of 20 million per year. There are thousands of places and hundreds of millions of people who will never hear.
  • We will not bring the Gospel to them unless we mobilize and send more people.
  • Those people do not have to be Westerners. But they do have to come from somewhere.
  • I have begun to think we need to read less of great systematic theologies and inspiring books about what we should do and how people ought to be doing it, and how our culture is so steeped in sin because we are not doing it.
  • I have begun to think we need to read more about people who accomplished great things against the odds, good “startup” business books about people who started scalable movements, how those early years were faced and overcome, how hard things were done.
  • It’s not that we don’t know what to do, in general terms. We do. It’s just that we don’t do it. Either we don’t have the will, the skill, or the perception that we can.