Unreached, non-Christians and friendship

January 1, 0001

I am traveling and a bit jet lagged.

I have been tossing and turning for a few hours, and my mind has settled on this thought.We have a lot of lists and talk about the Unreached, the unevangelized, the Unengaged.

Different ways of prioritizing who we send workers to.

But remember these two realities.

  1. Something like 80-90% (can’t know precisely) of all ministry effort is focused on believers. Pastoral, youth, training, discipleship, buildings, programs, etc.

  2. Of the balance, something like 90% is spent reaching people who are connected to believers. Family members we pray for, friends and neighbors we invite to events and special services, the needy we know.

  3. 80 to 90% (varies by region) of those who would call themselves non-Christians (Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, agnostics, etc) do not personally know a believer. They may have access to the Gospel in the sense that there are Christian resources they can avail themselves of (church on the corner etc) but no personal engagement.

So if we want to impact the Unreached it’s really a simple starting point: how do we get beyond the 90% we normally minister to and the 90% we know and consider “mission” to the rest we never see, hear or cross paths with–whether nearby or far away? And most importantly what will motivate us to do the hard work of doing that?