Continuous training

January 1, 0001

I have noticed some people have the idea that DMM training is rather like “how to make disciples and plant churches in 8 easy steps,” and when compared to seminary training it is somehow lacking.It’s true, most training for DMM doesn’t cover everything you’ll find in seminaries.

However it’s more important to realize how most DMM training is done.

It’s not “train for X years and then go do.” Rather nearly all DMM training is modular: do a weekend course, then implement for a few months, then do another course.

It’s learn a little, practice it, get feedback, and learn more.

A level 0 course is very introductory: the idea of movements, People of Peace, holding a DBS.

Next level courses are usually around the idea of gathering non believers in a DBS, which is very different from gathering believers.  Then there are courses for when people want to baptize non believers and form groups into churches.

Further as one gets higher, a lot of training is not “pre designed.” It takes the form of mentoring, consultation, sharing ideas and the like.

Every DMM practitioner I know is a constant learner.

Constantly sharing, discussing, cross pollinating.

They passionately believe that we need to practice what we learn, and be a lifelong learner.

In that context seminary can be a contribution–or maybe not.

It’s just another collection of knowledge, not the sole or even final collection.