January 1, 0001

What is power? What do we mean by this? It can be

  • An ability to act
  • A responsibility
  • An authority to require another
  • The ability to force another
  • Capacity that is transmitted (power crackled along the lines)
  • Stored capacity you can give another (a power company)
  • Awesome and fearful ability (God showed his power)
  • Rights due to one
  • A credit or debt owed to you
  • An ability to influence or inspire
  • An ability to restrain or keep others from acting

We all have power of one sort or another. We may seek it or deny it; we may store it or use it or give it away. What governs what we do with the power we have, how people respond to its use, and whether we get more is in large part how we define and think about power. What kind of power do you have, seek, and why?