Faith, trust, and hope in the parenthesis

January 1, 0001

I’m not sure where I will be when this post goes live.Normally when I travel (as I am now) I enter a “parenthesis” of time as I slip between time zones–skipping forward and backward over days from a calendar perspective, like some living example of Einsteinian relativity.

I don’t keep track of days in the parenthesis.

I know what flight I’m on, and when it lands, what gate I need to get to next.

Position is measured relative to the journey rather than the time.

On arrival I readjust to local time (not easy) and then at the end of a week repeat the process.

This requires faith hope trust (no punctuation as I’m typing on a phone).

Faithfulness in doing my part to get from plane to plane.

Trust that they will do their part to get me where I need to be “on time”.

Hope that it will all work out (and someone will be there to pick me up).

Mostly it does work out.

There are some delays here and there but I’ve always gotten to meetings and always gotten home.

And the world wouldn’t end if a plane was delayed.

It does however mean that I don’t live life afraid.

No matter how much fear sometimes tries to grab at me.

No matter if I spend an hour or two locked in fear.

To live in faith hope trust love requires breaking out of fear.

Which needs boldness on my part and embrace of the power of God J the small fearful moments of my life, when his strengthen is shown perfect in my weakness.  If you never know a moment of fear you won’t know that power.

If you only know fear you never know hope and trust.  So be faithful! Trust! Hope! Love!