Realistic date projections

January 1, 0001

Yesterday in a conversation with other global researchers, a colleague from GMI mentioned this idea: instead of setting dates for global plans, why not estimate the date at which something will happen at current trends, and then set about trying to “dial it back”?Another colleague with Wycliffe mentioned that this is how the Vision 2025 plan for Bible translation was inspired.

Personally, I think this is a fantastic and far more realistic way to utilize dates in terms of vision and inspiration for the Great Commission.

It, first, requires a good way to estimate dates.

But the second step is to avoid a trap: let’s not say “let’s do this by x date” without articulating any plan for doing so.

Instead, let’s ask questions like “what would it take to do this by y date” (say, 2025); or, if we feel a little less adventurous, perhaps ask “what would it take to lop a decade off that date?”