Why some should hear twice when some haven't heard once

January 1, 0001

No one has the right to hear the Gospel twice while there remains someone who has not heard it once. (Oswald J. Smith) In light of my recent posts about the Status of Global Christianity and “Stuffed vs. Starved,” I am reminded of this quote.

Eddie Arthur has some good thoughts on it, worth reading.

I can’t even find the original source of this. But I think it falls into the domain of something intended to be inspirational and challenging, but not meant to be taken “realistically.” After all, we wouldn’t say

No one has the right to eat three meals a day when there remains someone who doesn’t eat once daily regularly

No one has the right to use a toilet when thereremains* people with no toilets*

No one has the right to use the Internet when there remain people who have not heard of the Internet

And so forth (substitute whatever a lot of people do).

The key is not to make some people in good situations more like those in bad situations, but to help those in bad situations become more like those in good situations. (Besides, this isn’t a zero-sum game: you can’t “take away” Gospel offers from Christians in Christian areas and give them directly to the unreached.)

, 2016