Unpopular things

January 1, 0001

Right now, helping refugees and working with diaspora - especially people from places like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc.

  • is not a popular thing.In fact, in America, in many quarters, it is considered a “dangerous” thing - and not just dangerous to you, but to others.

If you are helping to resettle refugees in the country, some will say you are bringing dangerous elements into their back yard.

When you are doing something Christ tells you to do, it won’t always be popular, and you will sometimes be persecuted (physically, words, etc).

I have found, however, that you don’t necessarily need to make a big deal (publicity, argument, debate) about doing something that others find unpopular.

If Jesus tells you to stand up and say something, then by all means do so–I and others have felt, on more than one occasion, that it was right to speak out for the sake of the Gospel and the character that Christ calls us to.

But you don’t have to stand up just to correct someone else’s foolishness.

I have made that mistake too.


Being a blessing to someone who’s unpopular doesn’t usually require a public display or a huge network or the endorsement and validation of everyone.

It can be done quietly, with a small network of people who agree with the vision.

(“And your father, who knows what it is done in secret, will reward you.")