The dangers of creativity

January 1, 0001

Missionaries are rarely welcome among the unevangelized, the unreached.

Plenty of countries (like Afghanistan) actively oppose their entrance. It’s obvious it will take a creative platform to enter.Most of those creative platforms revolve around education, business development, or medical/humanitarian relief.

But a lot of these platforms require the equivalent of setting up a brand new enterprise.

Starting new things requires significant amounts of effort–so much so that one can get lost in the setup and running of the platform.

Because this takes so much mindspace, the simple truth is: we must forcefully remind ourselves the platform is not the goal.

Standing on the platform to bring Good News of the Kingdom is.

If your platform gets you in but either doesn’t allow the chance of witness (or consumes too much time for witness/disciple-making), it may be time to rethink the platform.

One creative way around this many have used is to involve local non-believers in the platform, and through the involvement make disciples.

This works for a few, but may not be scalable to many.

An alternative is to provide a business that raises up locals (training, startups, whatever) and sends them out, thus enabling the Gospel to be carried out by them to others.

We must always be thinking about what our goal is, and how we’re going to achieve it.

The goal is the Gospel.

The goal is disciples who make disciples.