The cost of the difference

January 1, 0001

Making a difference in the life of someone requires getting into their life.This means either accepting them into our lives (allowing them in), or entering theirs, in some way.

The more you are inside the life of someone, the greater the difference you can make.

A single financial donation toward someone’s well being has far less impact than a weekly mentoring, which in turn is far less of an impact than the daily life of a husband and wife.

We want to make a big difference - for the better - in the life of people, but unless we are willing to pay a price in time and access, we often can’t.

It’s not so much a matter of “earning the right to speak” as having the access and capacity.

Often, the access & capacity we have with someone is enough to help them “see” and “decide” a single choice.

What choice should that be? And what are the implications for helping someone live out the choice, once made?