Wealth can make, break or take

January 1, 0001

Wealth can be measured as (a) having a lot of certain things (time, talent, connections, experiences, memories, treasures), (b) having things that yield more things (a network that people are connecting to–thus more connections; or experiences that yield more opportunities to gain experiences; or talents, or treasures that are invested).You can use the wealth you have:

  • to protect yourself against present or future dangers, perceived or real
  • to validate or prove yourself to others
  • to create more wealth of the same kind or a different kind
  • take a risk on someone, and possibly ignite something new in them
  • to invest in someone’s development, and possibly bring them to “the next level”
  • to strengthen an existing work, adding capacity or endurance
  • to inspire people, advocating for something that needs to be done
  • to build platforms where people interact with each other, inspiring/encouraging/lifting up each other
  • to build resources and tools that will multiply the ability of others
  • to┬átake energy from something (possibly by stealing someone away from it) and give to something else
  • to break something that is happening (something bad? something good?)