Sometimes it doesn't pay to share

January 1, 0001

I’ve written a number of blog posts.

Some I have shared too early.

Fortunately it feels like these are a minority.

One temptation we all have to fight is not to struggle so much for perfection that you never ship. On the other hand sometimes it doesn’t pay to share.

And it’s worth keeping that in mind too.

I shouldn’t share when: - the thought isn’t well formed yet (hard to know).  - the thought is very controversial and not fully formed.

(I don’t shrink from controversy but one shouldn’t be controversial just to gain attention obviously) - there is no obvious benefit to anyone and I’m just talking to talk.  I don’t know everything.

No one does.

It is always best to come at issues and questions and challenges from the perspective of a learner rather than one who knows everything.

Sometimes sharing what you are learning is valuable to others learning the same thing.  But you have to know when you haven’t learned enough to share at all.

This is especially true when sharing a limited and partial exploration could lead others down a bad path.

The main thing I try to ask these days is: will someone, even one person, be helped? And who will be hurt? If I can’t think of anyone, maybe it’s better to hold off on the publish button.