Churn vs disbursement

January 1, 0001

What helps a church grow” looks at the impact of churn (people move out, people move in) on a church.Knowing your churn factor is important.

The one unfortunate thing about this article: it’s written from the perspective of growing your individual congregation.

If you had 100 people, and 15 moved away, you need to add 15 to maintain the current size.

The implied goal is: “why hasn’t our church become a mega church yet?” But becoming a mega church could actually keep you from the bigger goal, which is reaching all of an area (or a country or a people).

What if instead of counting “churn” people as “leaving” the church…

we intentionally equip people to start new churches among non-Christians so that if they leave, they actually end up growing the church? In other words - rather than view “churn” as a negative - how do we use it as a tactic? Churn is, after all, in Matthew 28: “As you are going…”