Do you have to reach them all?

January 1, 0001

When we look at a place and say, “There are 10 million people in this place and they all need the Gospel,” (or however many people are in the place), we are, in a sense, rhetorically assuming that all 10 million people need the Gospel (that is, none of the 10 million have already been reached, converted or discipled).

We are also, perhaps without meaning to, implying that all 10 million are our responsibility.

As “[Knoxian Champions]” we often feel a responsibility for everyone in the place, and that can be a good thing.

At the same time, 90% of the places where Christians are working are already full of other believers, and other churches.

So we have to think intentionally about the idea that not everyone needs to be reached by us.

We need to avoid Lone Ranger syndrome and realize that how we work with other believers in the task of reaching the lost is itself a witness to the lost.