Picking a church by where you can best serve

January 1, 0001

This sentiment is often expressed: ask not what your potential church can do for you, but which church you can best serve.

Or something like that. This is a notable and honorable sentiment.

But in most instances in the West it’s often also impractical.

I think that’s mostly the fault of the church.

(Little c not Big C) Thanks to the way we do church, a lot of our structures are geared toward 1:many service.

For a church of a thousand we might have one pastor, some elders, greeters, nursery staff, etc.

Not a lot of people.

Not a lot really needed for pulling off what is essentially a small concert and Motivational speaker event each weekend.

Most churches don’t have small groups.

Most don’t want just anyone discipline someone else.

That’s viewed as responsibility verging on liability.

What if the wrong thing is taught? Trying to judge a church by opportunities to serve is thus made extraordinarily difficult.

Most churches do not expect you to serve except in perhaps some very shallow ways.