Households of faith

January 1, 0001

Here’s a very long range idea: some will simply disciple those in their home (especially, their children), while some will lead leaders of homes, and some will lead leaders of leaders of homes.If all an individual does is disciple those in his own home, this is no shame.

Many of the early churches were “households of faith.” Further, this can actually lead to a movement long-term, if those children grow up to do the same, and so on, to the fourth generation.

Obviously, we would all rather a movement happens faster than that, and a movement that stays only within the households of believers won’t scale to reach the nonbelievers. On the other hand, we have a situation right now where 45 million children are born to Christian homes, 15 million convert from non-Christian homes, and 12 million defect from the faith every year.

If we could close the “back door of defection” (those 12 million), church growth would leap from its stagnant position of 33% of the world.

The gospel passes from house to house, not just individual to individual.

When people are in a group - be it friends or family - they remain strong in faith.

Leaders of homes are the front line, and should be equipped to disciple their children.