January 1, 0001

Do you have enough margin in your work? I have several projects that are presently on tight deadlines.

Unfortunately, I did not put in enough margin on a few of them.

A small delay in one meant I didn’t get the work done before Christmas.

I didn’t get the work done over Christmas (as should be expected).

Then I came down with a massive cold/bronchitis after Christmas, and completely lost the post-Christmas week.

Now I am late on a deadline, and scrambling–and largely because I didn’t build in enough margin.

Enough empty space.

If you have no empty space on your calendar, you’re just setting yourself up for flameout, eventually.

Not just one day a week, but big chunks of empty space for rest, reflection, recuperation.

If you don’t embrace the margins, they will reach out and grab you, one way or another.

Better to do it in a semi-controlled fashion.