The 2414 Movement Dashboard. My data.
Status of Global Christianity, 2019CSGC.
Christianity in its Global Context, 1970-2020CSGC, PDF, 92pp.
Top 247 Unevangelized MegapeoplesCSGC, PDF.
Missionaries Ever. CSGC.
Global deployment of missionaries, 2010. CSGC.


In Perspectives Lesson 9, here are the charts I nearly always hand draw
World ABC, 1900-2050: Christianity is stagnant at 33%
Global Religious Dynamics: a year in the life, the circle diagram
Christianity by Continent & Region, 1970-2020: this is the numbers data

Global Diagrams

Diagram 1. The impact of Christianity on corruption
Diagram 2. Great Commission Christians vs. national corruption levels.
Diagram 3. Growth in population and Christianity, AD 1910-2010.
Diagram 4. The evangelicalization of the church.
Diagram 5. Christian populations and % Christian, 2010.
Diagram 6. Persecution does not strongly correlate to church growth.
Diagram 7. Doubles required for evangelicals to saturate a country, and time to double.


How likely is the North Korean government to fall?
The future of Syria in 2016
The future of Afghanistan
Turkish Cluster Forecast, 2012-2025
Persian Cluster Forecast, 2013-2025
Cushitic Cluster Forecast, 2012-2025

Long Reads

What will it take to make a difference?


Internet Tools I regularly use, 2019 edition