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Global Movement Dashboard. Mine, published through
Status of Global Christianity, 2020. Center for Study of Global Christianity.
Christianity in its Global Context, 1970-2020, PDF, 92pp.
Top 247 Unevangelized Megapeoples, PDF.
Top 40 Least Reached provinces, PDF.
Misisonaries Ever. CSGC.
Global deployment of missionaries, 2010. CSGC.


In Perspectives Lesson 9, here are the charts I nearly always hand draw
World ABC, 1900-2050: Christianity is stagnant at 33%
Global Religious Dynamics: a year in the life, the circle diagram
Christianity by Continent & Region, 1970-2020: this is the numbers data

Global Diagrams

Global Diagram 1: Just how Christian? Size, Share, Growth Rates


How likely is the North Korean government to fall?
Turkish Cluster Forecast, 2012-2025
Persian Cluster Forecast, 2013-2025
Cushitic Cluster Forecast, 2012-2025

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What will it take to make a difference?