what’s left in the Great Commission

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Growth leads to persecution

1. Movements are growth machines. They are “rapidly multiplying disciple-making movements” because (1) they make disciples ‘rapidly’, and (2) they multiply by enabling disciples to make more disciples. 2. The most...

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How movements count

Over 1,020 church planting movements (rapidly multiplying groups that have surpassed four generations of church planting in multiple streams) have been documented. Together, they comprise over 73 million believers in over 4.3...

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Globalization of Sending

I believe the Great Commission (as commonly interpreted from Matthew 28, etc) is a task that can be finished (based in part on Matthew 24:14 and Revelation 7:9).  The primary reason the task has not been accomplished:...

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Stuffing vs Starving

While I was on a recent panel discussion about the status of the unfinished task, one of the observers commented in the chat window: it’s hard to imagine, in this day and age, that someone has no access to the Gospel....

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