Map: Where wars are fought in 2015

One of the factors in my Global District Survey is the presence of significant violence. This is a strong 'negative' factor in the Outlook for church growth. Where wars are being fought, access is restricted, churches and believers are often targeted (either because they are 'the wrong religion' or often because they stand for peace or try to help people on both sides), civilians (including, obviously, believers) are killed indiscriminately, and people are forced to flee the area. The Gospel obviously can flourish in times of war and uncertainty, but the church can also be wiped out. We see this happening now in the Middle East: a flourishing movement in Libya has been decimated by civil war, and Christians are being forced out of Syria/Iraq areas. So we ought to pray for peacemaking and an end to war.Special note: this map is a little bit "beta." All of these are active, but I might have missed a war or two. I've been going over and over the data, but I'm hoping my readers will point out any 'missed' areas. Where Wars are Fought 2015