Top Posts for 2016

Here is a slightly new tradition. Not sure I've done a "top posts this year" before, but here it is: the posts you visited most.

  1. The Prayer Page, that lists all of the prayer guide resources we know about. I'm rather happy that this is the most popular page on the website.
  2. Top 40 Least Reached Places, mapped. The places (and their peoples) that have the most people and the least work.
  3. Are the swelling ranks of short-termers actually a bad thing? The challenge isn't that we're losing long-term workers, it's that we're sending more short-term than ever went long-term before.
  4. How likely is a disastrous earthquake in 2016? We didn't have a magnitude-9 quake, and for that I'm grateful - not just because I estimated we wouldn't.
  5. Can the task be finished? My index to a variety of posts on this topic.
  6. Thresholds of reachedness: measuring them, and our speed in reaching them. Four thresholds, and a scale for measuring our speed.
  7. The future of urbanization. Yes, the world is getting more urban as a percentage: but the size of the rural population is not declining significantly.
  8. Globally mapping individual churches: I think I have a better way. (And why I don't think globally mapping individual churches is a good idea.)
  9. Measuring reached by measuring who is reaching out. This is more in line with the classical definition.
  10. The democratization and amateurization of missions. In my book, it's a good thing. But amateurization doesn't mean loss of quality.