Goals vs. Margin, and two updated tools for you

My goal has been to write at least one blog post (the Starters) and one roughly 1,000-word article daily. For the past few weeks I've been doing that regularly. Unfortunately, recent international travel has collided with a body that is no longer as young as once it was, and jetlag is winning.In such situations, I think it's the better part of wisdom to let your body have the margin it needs to recover rather than try to pump out sub-quality stuff that helps no one. So daily articles are going a bit on the back burner (and I have another international trip in a couple of weeks, so...). In the meantime, the Roundups have proven very popular (and I do have one coming out this Friday); I'm looking at other potential "index" style documents that will be helpful. There are two that I have recently updated: Tools I Use - a free PDF download with 22 Internet-based tools that I regularly use, updated for 2016 - lots of people have found this helpful Prayer Index - this is at http://www.justinlong.org/prayer, but a PDF version is a free download as well.