243 Key Data Sets

Since Indexes have been of so much use to everyone, I've launched another new tool. This one is a bit more "niche" and won't fit everyone, but for those who need the data, it should save you quite a bit of time.243 Key Data Sources - $25 This features (as its name implies) links to 243 different, large data sources. Many of these are downloadable data sets (Excel, Access, and some Geographic databases); others are interactive maps or large PDFs. About half of the entries are links to the "Statistical Yearbooks" (be they PDFs, spreadsheets, or dynamic websites) for 130 countries--this includes census data, economic data, and more. The data linked in this PDF provides global, regional and national views of issues facing the unreached, and can be useful for strategy development. Obviously, you could find all of this yourself - but it would take (took me!) hours to do that - so just grabbing this PDF will save you that time. (Plus, it underwrites mission research--and it entitles you to updates during the year! Any time I add more entries to the list, you'll get a copy). Patrons: you will find this file in the Patron Dropbox.