Life among the Unreached, 9

  1. Can India's land of former headhunters make peace? For the remote Naga tribes, a surprise accord with Delhi aims to end one of the world's largest running insurgencies. National Geographic. Talks about the role of Christianity in putting an end to headhunting.
  2. Syria's children: a photo collage. The Atlantic. Looks at the children caught in the midst of the horror that is Syria.
  3. Life along the Yangtze River: New Yorker Magazine photo collection.
  4. "In China's heartland, small cities flourish": even in slowdown, a Yangtze River town (Fengdu) bursts with consumer vitality. WSJ.
  5. "These photos exist so people won't say 'that never really happened.'" How one woman is documenting the civil war in Yemen.