Should I research the Nomadic Pastoralist Worldview

Q. Actually I am out of the area where we worked in northern Kenya, in preparation for retirement. However I was interested to see someone's post on Worldview. I have a great interest in considering Worldview in relation to missionaries working amongst nomadic pastoralists. Almost everything we hold dear in the West is opposite to the pastoralist worldview. I wondered if research on this would be helpful in preparing future workers amongst the nomadic pastoral peoples."A. Yes. I think it would. There are others who would either share your interest in doing the research, or who would benefit by reading it. I'm sure you're aware of it, but for those reading this who are not, there is a Nomadic Peoples Network ( They publish articles and have gatherings related to Nomadic Peoples. That would be an excellent outlet for research. On the other hand, you could start a blog!