Large Populations, Many Movements

Click the image for the full-size version. I'm experimenting with the Global Ministry Mapping System I just received from GMI, attaching data from my District Survey. Here's a first map. It's pretty simple--just mapping populations by province, for 2010--but even simple maps can be profound. Leave aside for the moment the question of which provinces have existing Christian resources, and let's just think for a moment about the size of the populations. In the map below, as indicated on the key, if the typical movement reaches 100,000 people, each green province (there are a half dozen) will require more than 500 movements. This is a massive challenge that we must face up to. Feel free to download and repost or reuse this map; Patrons will find high resolution copies in both JPG and PDF form in the Patron Dropbox Folder. (Not a Patron? Become one with a single gift of $100 for 2015.)

  Many Movements Needed - By Province