Life among the unreached, 5

1. "Afghanistan's playgrounds." Reuters Photoessay.2. "What it means to be poor by global standards." Pew Research. 3. "Boko Haram resurgence deepens humanitarian crisis in Niger." Reuters. Also: Deadly bomb blasts rip through Nigerian bus stations. 4. "Cameroon says two suicide attacks kill 13 in Maroua." Reuters. "...what appeared to be the deepest incursion by Boko Haram militants from neighboring Nigeria..." 5. "Are Muslim countries really unreceptive to religious freedom?" Washington Post. YMMV. 6. "South Sudan: the displaced find sanctuary on holy ground." Al Jazeera. The holy city of Waat. 7. Busan, Korea's 2nd city, in photos. Lonely Planet, via @jkpittman. Is Korea unreached? It's a huge mission sending country, but still about 70% non-Christian and many are unevangelized. 8. "Adults before their time, Syria's refugee children toil in the fields of Lebanon." The Guardian. Having fled Islamic State and crossed the border, a lost generation skips school for a life of back-breaking hardship. 9. "Ethnic Yao minority women brush their [famously long] hair near a creek in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region." Economist on Instagram. More than 80,000 tourists a year visit the area. 10. "I don't: South Korea's Singletons." Economist. 40% of South Korea's adults (16% of South Korean households) are single (33% of women with degrees are single). Two reasons: exhorbitant cost of marriage, and so many daughters aborted in the quest for sons that 1 in 7 men lack a marriageable partner. See also Telegraph on China's "50 million women shortage."