Futures Perceived, 5

1. "The automation myth: robots aren't taking your jobs, and that's the problem." Vox.2. "This computer vision company is tracking all the people moving through the cities." Fast Company. 3. Google Translate's app now instantly translates printed text in 27 languages. TechCrunch. App on a smart phone, using phone camera. 4. Smart Sniper Rifles with WiFi connections can be hacked by hackers: disable, change target. Wired. 5. A programming language for robot swarms: when it comes to robotic flocks, do you control each machine individually or the entire swarm overall? A new programming language allows both. MIT. 6. Intel's new memory chips are faster, store way more data. Wired. Non-volatile (store without power, so potential alternative to flash storage), 1,000 times faster than existing chips in mobile devices, can store 10x more data than DRAM on PCs. Will drive a new generation of computers, phones, tablets.