Futures Perceived, 3

1. Drones+GoogleAutodrive+Explosives = remotely-directed, observed, managed, self-guided, "lethal weapons": is it suicide if there are no humans inside? More like a mobile IED. Will there be "no Autodrive zones" around key places (like government buildings)?2. Telepresence Robots + Explosives (or chemical weapons) = the assassin you summon to yourself. 3. Uber+Google Autodrive = most taxi drivers lose their jobs. Plus, you don't have to own a car. 4. Uber+GoogleAutodrive+Your Credit Card = Surveillance of everywhere you go. (Likely rapidly adopted in China, Singapore, etc?) 5. Hyperloop.¬†When cities are connected via extremely fast (>500mph), cheap transportation, the cities merge. 6. High energy batteries + Google Autofly + Strong materials = Flying Cars. Yes, it's possible. (especially useful in places with no passable roads?) Is this the MAF of the future? 7. Rapid 3D Image Formulation (ability to create a new 3D image out of computation)+specifically-engineered¬†Artificial Intelligence+Oculus 3D Imaging+SexToys = "Victimless Pornography." Is it pornography if no one was "filmed"? How will this change definitions? How does it affect viewers? What if it involves things we presently outlaw (like pedophilia)? How will it decimate the adult actor industry? Far future but with Moore's Law, possible by 2050. 8. "Rise of the Robots" and the decimation of the economy leads to the decimation of giving, and the decline of missions from the West. 9. The Big One. "1 in 3" chance of >8 magnitude earthquake in Pacific Northwest by 2050; "1 in 10" chance of >10 magnitude quake. 10. Robots+(Recording & Responding equating to Listening & understanding) = Robot Therapists. Depending on the design of the robot, people will interact with it in different ways, including opening up and revealing things. 11. "These 9 trends show the future of mobile payments and banking." VentureBeat. Mobile payments will influence giving patterns, too.