Why you should get the Global Church Growth Outlook

The main, 'big' research project I work on is the Global Church Growth Outlook. (Can you think of a better name? This is the one I've come up with, but if you've got a better one, consider putting it in the comments.)The Outlook examines the question of how likely we will finish the task of world evangelization any time soon by looking at the 40 largest Least Reached, Least Christian provinces (and their peoples). Each province gets an essay, a data table on its districts, a data table on its peoples, and a collection of photos. (I am now beginning to add another section to each profile, called "Notes on Christianity," that will go deeper into the chronological events of Christianity within the province.) Each week, I update the Outlook to include another province, working on getting all 40 by the end of the year. I'm up to Province #14 this week--Gujarat, in India. (Previous ones include Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Guangdong, Bihar, Punjab, Pk., Shandong, West Bengal, Sichuan, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Hunan, Karnataka and Haryana). You can "subscribe" to the Outlook for $4/month. I update about once a week, though sometimes (if I'm traveling or in conferences, etc.) I might skip a week. There's usually at least 2 to 3 new provinces each month. The Outlook will help you understand not just the general need for the task ("go, missions!") but also specific challenges to the task - places where church growth is easier, and places where it's harder, and why. My hope and prayer is that it will help you better understand not just your calling but how you might decide where to go and what strategies to use, and perhaps who you might work with. Subscribe here via Gumroad. Also, if you're a Patron of Missions Research ($100/year) you'll find it in the Patron Dropbox Folder. To become a Patron, click to http://www.justinlong.org/partner.