Friday Futures: solar power, 3D fabric printers, satellites

1. Glass windows that make electricity out of sunlight (Economist). "Most solar cells are opaque to absorb all the light they can to maximise their efficiency. But what if visible light could pass through? Using glass to make electricity out of sunlight could turn buildings and cars into their own power stations, and that is exactly what scientists are trying to achieve."2. Electroloom's '3D printer for fabric' creates seamless garmets in any size (Techcrunch). 3. Robotic sewing machines could throw garment workers in low-cost countries out of a job. This is how high-tech countries will compete with low-cost workers in low-cost countries: invent robots that do the job for free. Prices will be reduced but companies will likely still make profits? 4. Putting satellites into space easier ($100,000 with CubeSats). SpaceKnow is a startup that lets you analyze satellite imagery in new ways. 5. Brain Waves could replace passwords (TechCrunch). 6. Skype's web-based client now open to everyone in the USA and UK. We stopped using Skype in favor of VSee due to security issues related to usage in China. 7. Population growth trends starting to rise again in the Middle East? Economist explores.