10 Charts this week, 1: refugees, folk religions, religiously unaffiliated, rich cities, Millennials on the church, more.

1. Refugees:80% of world's refugees hosted in developing world. Chart. The desperate refugee flight around the globe. Mapped. GMI's beautiful "Stepping beyond the tents" infographic. 2. South Sudan, 2 million forced to flee. Map of destinations. 3. Folk religions make up largest religious group in just 3 countries. Pew Chart. 4. Religiously unaffiliated are second largest group in half the world's nations (but distant 2nd in many). Pew Chart. 5. Christians & Muslims are largest religious group in 90% of world's countries. Pew Map. 6. These 7 cities will be among the richest by 2025 (not London, Hong Kong, New York). CNN. 7. Barna asked Millennials why they do or don't think church is important. Infographic. 8. The rise in non-state conflict. Charted, in years. 9. Where the 1% of water fit for drinking actually is. Mapped. 10. Where the world's oldest, youngest people live (beautifully simple map)