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1. "China's back." Just in case you doubted it. This graphs global economies from 1 AD to 2014. Important to realize that China was once the power on the planet. "All of this has happened before..." Economist, 2014.2. Church planting costs $250,000? Yes, in the West. But think about it: in mission settings, the cost may not be much lower, due to the time it takes to start. Which gives an economic reason for starting a movement, not just a church. And, perhaps you should invest in training, equipping, and supporting people as if they were $100,000 per year enterprises. 3. Religious persecution on the rise in China? Maybe, maybe not. As always, with China, It's complicated. China Source. 4. What is Generation Z, and what does it want? via @stevemoore. "It's not an attention problem, it's an 8-second filter.... they've grown up in a world where their options are limitless but their time is not." Important for recruitment. Fast Company. 5. No one wants to see Moore's Law die, and lots of companies are hunting for new tech that will keep our computing power doubling every 18 months. Scientific American. Don't count on the Law dying anytime soon. 6. All you folks hunting for bodies in Nepal can leave, now, thank you. The UN is apparently no so sure that aid workers should leave. 7. Family empires. In Hong Kong, the top 15 families control assets worth 84% of GDP. (My thought: what would happen if one of them became a believer?). Economist. 8. How humans can keep super intelligent robots from murdering us all. A rather important issue for the future. Vox. 9. These robots, named Fetch and Freight, are too cute to murder us, right? But they might take over more and more jobs. Buzzfeed. What role will robots take in  evangelism, church planting, missions, etc? What roles have autonomous bots already taken? 10. Elon Musk's rules to succeed: 1) be obsessed, 2) have superhuman energy and stamina, 3) learn to handle stress that would break most people, 4) don't follow a preexisting path, and don't look to [copy] your role models, 5) go for the heroic failure, 6) don't waste time on the Internet. "The more conflicts and difficult situations you put yourself through, the more battle-tested your mind will be." Robert Greene "Lie: When I'm the leader I'll have influence. Truth: Influence needs to be cultivated where you are." Clay Scoggins "Hire people you're going to need 3 months from today" Matt Epstein