Friday Futures: Cities, Cars, Spying on Cars, Drones that Spy on us all

Toward 2025:10 breakthroughs that will shape the future. Not your normal list, this one's pretty good. Nanotech, cheap cameras, smart cars, 3D Printing at scale, robots, renewable energy, more. Deep discussion, videos. Urbanization China's mega-cities are merging into mega-regions. The Atlantic. By 2025, 21 out of 37 megacities (10 million+) will be in Asia/Pacific. Map. Automotive automation The world's first self-driving semi-truck hits the road. Wired. Automotives + Surveillance Volkswagen's Apple Watch app will notify you when your teen driver speeds. TechCrunch. Might it one day combine with on-board car cameras to send you live video of what your kid is doing? (Parental Periscope) Drones DOJ drones in the sky. Drone v Drone in the sky. Using drones to record ghost towns (death camps, radiated cities) Use of drones in Nepal by aid workers Small cargo drones being innovated in Africa ("flying donkeys") Tree planting drones Military resupply drones 3D Printing Lawsuits over printed guns. Mobile More Google searches on mobile than on desktops. Is Facebook an echo chamber? A new study published in Science disputes the theory of political polarization among Facebook users. Effectively it says your 'echo chamber' is your own fault. NYT. Guardian. Facebook Research. Not so fast. Lots of problems with the study. Read the Fine Print, says Eszter Hargittai, Christian Sandvig, Zeynep Tufekci, Cyborgology, Eli Pariser (author of 'The Filter Bubble').