Less about what we do less of, more about what we do differently

Some evangelistic methods leave you feeling like Christianity is all about dealing with the past.We need forgiveness because we have sinned. And, we need Christ in our heart so we won't keep on sinning. This is very true. But Christianity - following Christ - doesn't stop there. If we make it mostly about dealing with our sins, we run into the problem of people who have lived (at least in their view) "basically good lives." Our response to that is, of course, "all have sinned" - so even the "tiniest sin" can separate us from God. And that leads us into lots of arguments that are basically works-based thinking. Perhaps we ought not focus quite so much on what we are being saved out of, and think more about what we are being saved in to. Perhaps it's less about the past we leave behind and more about the future we walk toward. Perhaps it's less about having sins forgiven and more about becoming a citizen of the Kingdom and a subject of the King. Perhaps it's less about what we stop doing, and more about what we start doing. The world should change because of us - not in that it does less, but that it does differently. I am thinking of these Hero Rats this morning, and thinking - this is the sort of thing that should flow out of the Kingdom, seeking to set things right.