Missiographics 1.0

I've been following the Missiographics feed now for over a year, and in fact it inspired me to do some Global Diagrams of my own (and in some ways, it also inspired my once-a-week Outlooks and other posts). So, it was a great honor to be asked to expound on the graphics in a new ebook.I worked pretty hard on it over the winter months of 2014 and early in 2015. I had the privilege of being able to hear from various experts around the world on a variety of subjects. It was great to take each graphic and sit down to really think deeply about it--what did it mean? what were the future implications? Admittedly, not every important trend is covered in this book (we didn't do all of the graphics). Missiographics continues to release more graphics, like this past Sunday's new Clean Water graphic. So this won't, hopefully, be the last book (which the "1.0" would seem to signify). Still, I'm happy with the result: these are important trends to understand, to think about, to wrestle with, and to ask--how do they impact our ministry? Hope you pick up a copy--not just because I wrote it, but because of the importance of the issues. If you've got thoughts about the book, I'd love to hear them here.