We need you to be a problem-solver

The fact is, our world is far too complex for us to ever completely understand it. Moreover, what our world is today is not what it was yesterday, or last year, or a decade ago - and what it will be a decade from now will be vastly different. "Church" cannot be simply about a once-a-week event. And it cannot be about a specific task--for example, a city-wide campaign or crusade to get a bunch of one-off decisions to join what is effectively a religious club. We the church are the ekklesia - the called out community, the Body of Christ, who are blessed to be a blessing. Individual believers, disciples, must engage the community around them - to be problem-solvers, to be those who stand up for the oppressed, to be the ambassadors of the Kingdom who stand against injustice and immoral behavior, who free those held captive by structures of sin, who bring hope. It is up to you to know your community, identify the points that need blessing, and initiate the blessing. It is up to you to know the communities nearby, and mobilize your community to be a blessing to them. It is up to you to learn about communities far away, and launch the major efforts required to bring hope and freedom and blessing to those far off. The whole world needs the whole gospel, brought by the whole church - brought by you, and others like you. The whole world needs you to observe, to document, and then to step up and do something.