Salty, brilliant offerings to the community

As followers of Christ we are given gifts to build up others - art, tools and technologies.

  • Art: things that inspire, entertain, edify, teach, remind, etc. Art is a broad category: the written word, the life lived out, the spoken word.
  • Tools: things we build which enable people to bless others, to incarnate the Kingdom, to spread their Art.
  • Technologies: "new and better ways of doing things" (Peter Thiel). They are new systems from which we derive tools and art.

Whether art, tool or technology, you've been given something to offer those around you. That thing is God's blessing, given to you to bless others. What you offer is therefore not just representative of you, but representative of the Kingdom as well. When people see what you offer, are they tasting salt and seeing light? Is the offering and the way it is offered in itself a demonstration of the ethics and spirit of the Kingdom? Does my offering meet a need? Is it being offered with integrity? Can people trust me? Is the way I do business a good witness? Are my work habits representative of the Kingdom? You can't argue someone into a long-lasting relationship with Jesus or citizenship in the Kingdom - but the things you offer to people, things that build them up, could just make them want to be in the Kingdom, because being in the Kingdom is better than being outside of it.