Make a prayer guide for a UPG: 1 way to make a difference in the world

Once you have picked an Affinity Block and a Cluster, how do you know if that's the one for you?Is there a cheap, easy way to confirm your desire? One simple way to begin researching a Cluster is to do the work of pulling together a Prayer Guide (if one doesn't exist already). Every CPM practitioner agrees that the first step toward a movement is "extraordinary prayer." Prayer guides are a useful tool to mobilizing prayer for a cluster. People who pray for a people group on a regular basis are more likely to become involved in that group. There are a number of excellent prayer guide models that you can use. Here's my annotated list. How do you figure out the prayer needs of a cluster? Don't just start making things up. Begin with research on the area where the people group is found (look for country-specific prayer guides as well as Operation World). Start keeping a list of big issues in the area, and look for signs the people group is impacted by it. Next, look at existing prayer requests for the country and nearby peoples, and see if particular organizations are mentioned. Start contacting them and seeking out people who are already working among the group - or nearby. Ask them what the needs of the Cluster are. There are numerous examples of people groups that have dedicated workers but no specific prayer guide. This is a real need that could be filled, and it could be met simply by conducting interviews, writing down prayer requests, compiling them into a simple written document, and circulating them for comment. If you want to make a difference in the world, there is no easier or better place to start than right here. If you're a church or a foundation and you want to make a difference, this is a key place to start. My list of prayer guides notes not only where prayer guides exist--but where they don't. Finding and funding potential candidates who are willing to undertake this challenge would be a key difference maker.