Inherit the Nations: a year of united prayer for 50 unreached people groups

A new prayer campaign: for one year, prayer communities and intercessors are asked to adopt a specific unreached people group for weekly prayer. Through a partnership with the US Center for World Mission, you’ll receive a special Christmas Package that contains your adopted unreached people group and resources that you can use in praying for them.  You won’t self-select a people group, you’ll receive them as a gift!  We’re hoping in 2015 even on short notice to see 50 prayer communities adopt 50 unreached people groups.  As part of this initiative, you’ll:

  • Receive a Christmas package with your adopted people group around Christmas time.
  • Agree to pray at least once weekly as a community for your adopted people group for one year (2015 starting on January 1)
  • Keep a journal of prayer and words from the Lord for your adopted nation
  • Receive research information where available that will measure results of this year of prayer
  • Get connected to front-line missionaries in these nations when they’re available
  • Have opportunities to connect with Prayer communities around the nation

Sign-Up and Find Out More: Prayer Community leaders can sign-up here to be part of this initiative.  Click hereto read more in depth about Inherit the Nations.  Web presence will be forthcoming as the initiative rolls out. Inherit the Nations is a collaborative effort of the Transform USA network which involves many organizations and a PRIME initiative of the US Center for World Mission and the Ethne prayer workgroup.